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Jelly’s Mom wrote a letter requesting a song for his parent’s 40th wedding anniversary, so here it is. Congrats Tom & Nancy!

in this episode:  Andrew gets a visit from Dan Rollman, co-creator of Record Setter!  Dan times Andrew as he attempts to set two new world records. Then Dan teaches the donut about Canada, so he can gangsta rap about it. free mp3 below!

in this episode:  Andrew tackles a couple song requests, with lyrics ranging from bacon & heroin to Japanese poetry. free mp3 of “haiku” below!

in this episode:  Brian Brushwood joins Andrew for some boozing, fire eating, and an epic RPG jam.  a huge thanks to Brian, and grab a free mp3 of “epic conquest” below!

in this episode:  andrew shows some dance moves, weighs sexual pastry options, and remixes THIS.  a huge thanks to lindsey & marcia for the video, river and snoman for their letters, and YOU for watching. free mp3 of “on the patio remix” below!

IN THIS EPISODE:  sweating cheese, eating babies & a love song written to a hotdog.  mp3 below!


IN THIS EPISODE:  i got some letters!  answering them leads to boner lasers, pervy mice and lady fingers in my ass.  keeping it classy.  then i play Matthew Wilder’s 1983 classic “Break My Stride.”  free mp3 below. 

welcome to the first episode of Dear Donut!  every few weeks, i’ll read tweets and emails from whoever writes, and then play a song.  since this is the first episode, i don’t have any letters… so i have to play with myself.  you can download the song for free through the soundcloud player (above).  join the next episode by sending art, questions, song ideas, or anything you want to Dear Donut via email or tweet.

Dear Donut is one week away from its web-gasmic debut. the show features audience participation, new music, guests, and more… be the first to subscribe! who subscribes to a web show before knowing whether or not it sucks?  the adventurous, that’s who.

i’ll be back in a week, but here’s a Jelly snack to tide you over…


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